Camunda license

Just downloaded and reviewing 7.10 release. I noticed that in the Cockpit view for process instances, the green cogwheel is missing. Is this a violation of the bpmn.js license?

See attached.

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Hi Conor,

As the owner of the bpmn-js component and the author of the bpmn-js-license we decided not to display the cogwheel when running the web applications. Hence, there is no violation/breach of the bpmn-js license by you if your browser does not display the cogwheel. The license foremost forbids you to remove the cogwheel from the application. You did not remove anything however.

Hi Yana,

I reviewed the license agreement again. Honestly, I do think you are in violation of your own license :slight_smile:

Use of the js is not possible in my webapp due to apparent cogwheel requirement.

Hi Conor,

don’t worry: since Camunda is the owner of the bpmn-js library we can use it in our software in any way we want, regardless in how we license it to others. In other words: we do not need to “license” the software to ourselves, we “have” it already :slightly_smiling_face: