Camunda Business rule task


I am getting an error as One of the attributes class, delegateexpression type or expression is mandatory on businessruletask

Exclusive has outgoing sequence flow 'Sequenceflow without condition which is not the default flow.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


@Kala_Kotamarthi Does your flows coming out of your Exclusive gateway have conditions applied?

Can you post your BPMN or an example

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for your reply. Please see the image.

Does each of your business rule tasks have implementations configured?

and does the two flow arrows coming out of your exclusive gateway have decisions configured?

Hi Stephen,

I added execution listener for the rules but not able to add to the gateway. Can you please advise me how to do it?


With regard to your business rules task - your main implementation should really be a java delegate rather than an execution listener. But to get it working you can just choose a place holder expression to satisfy the engine. It would look like this:

With regards to implementing the gateway - that is done by selecting a sequence flow and choosing a condition (either expression or script).

Hope that helps