Camunda Certified Consultant

Is there any certification for Consultant , who can be called Certified Camunda Consultants after the Completion of Certification. If Yes please share hot to go ahead with it. Its Urgent

Hi @Avin

At the moment there is only two ways for an individual to become a Camunda Certified Developer.
If you attend and complete one of our trainings you will get a certificate confirming you’ve completed the training.
If you are a developer working for one of our certified partners, it’s possible to follow our online Camunda academy where you can get a certification.

That said, we do plan on releasing an open certification program in the first quarter of next year. Where you’ll be able to follow a course and become certified. Until then sadly there’s no certification available.


Where can we find a list of certified Camunda training partners?

HI @michahell

You can find Camunda trainings listed here:

hello @Niall,

I meant specifically third party certified camunda training.
For the course I’m interested in ( Camunda Platform and Microservices (Online)) there is only one listed future date, 21-25th of February, which is exactly in a vacation period in The Netherlands and I’m not able to attend. There are no future dates planned yet as Benjamin Hoffman (Head of Training & Consulting DACH) emailed to me:

“We are currently in the process of planning our training program for next year and I cannot give you specific dates at this time. We will very likely offer an English course in the CET timezone in July and we’re also evaluating if we can offer additional ones before that.”

I simply can’t wait for July, I started in a role where practical and hands on knowledge of Camunda will be pretty helpful I’m discovering, and waiting for half a year does not make sense to me.

This is why I wanted to know specifically about third party certified training.
I already saw there are a few BPMN courses on Udemy for example, but they are either not Camunda specific or - sad to say - the ones that are, I don’t know if they’re worthwhile.



There are no third parties that can offer Camunda certified training.
Although, there is a lot of online material that could work though.

Detailed video tutorials for Java and for non-java developers are available and a lot of the advanced concepts in the engine can be understood in our best practice documentation.

We also offer bookable on demand training for enterprise customers so if the company you’re working for has a license it could be easy enough to schedule a training.

Hope that helps

Why do you need the badge? Isn’t a real experience and knowledge enough?

Hi Niall,
Has Camunda launched any official Certification yet as its already Q2 of 2022?

Hi @Avin

Yes indeed - you can earn it by completing courses on the Camunda Academy

Hi Niall,
Just wanted to clear a doubt.

  1. Are we going to get any certificate after completion of the courses?
  2. Do we need to complete every course to earn a certificate at end or after completion of each course in learning path we will be awarded an independent certificate?

For each course you complete you’ll get a certificate of completion for that that course.

It seems these courses are only offered to enterprise members !!

Are there any developer courses for and individual Camunda Aspirant :slight_smile:

The best course is the internet, the forums, and your smart head.

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Hi @Nikhil_Sahai, I was going through old posts to double check something and saw your comment from a few months back. Camunda Academy is now open to everyone! Happy learning :slight_smile:

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