Camunda Chapter: Rhein-Main. Harmonious co-existence of process engines and legacy systems with Commerzbank’s framework

Hello there!

I’m excited to tell you about the upcoming event from the Camunda Chapter: Rhein-Main. You’ll get to meet two keynote speakers, Matthias Dabisch and Robert Hefner, coming from Commerzbank AG. They’ll share insights on the harmonious co-existence of process engines and legacy systems with the Commerzbank framework. During the event, they’ll cover various interesting topics, including distributed process implementations, co-existence of different versions and engines, a central process repository, automated interface generation, and central status tracking. The event is on-site only and will be located at Station Lounge conference rooms, conveniently close to Frankfurt am Main train station. We hope to see you there!

:calendar: September 12, 7:30 pm
:round_pushpin:In-person. Frankurt am Main, Germany
:speech_balloon: Language: German
:studio_microphone: Speakers: Matthias Dabisch and Robert Hefner from Commerzbank AG
:ticket: Sign up here
:star: Organizers: Jörg Zentgraf, @the-villain , Shannon Riley-Hinkel