Camunda Cloud: API

Hi Camunda Community :wave:

The second week I discover the Camunda Cloud as a part of evaluation of a workflow engine and quite confused with a product names and APIs.

After watching a lot of videos and following documentations, I could build the workflow within the service using a lambda function :+1:

But now I would like to make everything through the API/CLI and here were I need your help:

  1. I wasn’t able to execute any REST API for the cloud version. API for self-hosted and cloud version of Camunda is it completely different things?

  2. As I could see in a cloud docs the API is quite pure. I was able to deploy bpmn file and create an instance. But how I can receive the result of running processInstanceKey in order to get successful status or error of the instance?

  3. How I can get a list of all processId in a cluster? To have ability to run them if they’re available, even Diagrams UI doesn’t display uploaded processes.

Thank you :hugs:

  1. Camunda cloud or zeebe api works by using grpc https2 protocol, so rest call is not possible directly, only if you have your own rest point that connects to zeebe or camunda cloud.
  2. You can use startProcesswithResult as a choice to get data from process. Or query elastic search to get history data.
  3. Query elastic search for data.

Check this thread:

Thanks for the answer @MaximMonin.

Do you know how I can access the elastic search from camunda cloud?

You cannot access ElasticSearch in Camunda Cloud directly - only via Operate.

This is because it is against the ElasticSearch license to directly expose it as a service in the cloud.