Camunda cockit process instances removal

As in the image there are quite a few requests struck due to some exception which is rectified now. But how can we remove all these process instances from cockpit with one action.

I know about rest service to delete single process instances w.r.t process id but i need to remove all at once. Any input will be helpful.

You can delete lots of processes asynchronously with this rest call.
You just need the IDs of the processes you want to delete.

@Niall Still I will have to get 5k+ process ids. Any way to get these at once because again getting each one from cockpit is not feasible.

Sure - the REST API can also be used to query for the process instance IDs that interest you.

By deleting the deployed process also removes all the process instances. Make sure you select cascade = true deletion while deleting the deployment itself.

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Thanks @aravindhrs :grinning: . This solution works for me…