Camunda cockpit context path

We are using Camunda BPMN for modelling some of the use cases in our system. The query is regarding Cockpit, while in our local environment , we are able to access cockpit url, once we deploy the application (K8S)on cloud, application name is the context path, but Camunda cockpit does not work with this context path.

Localurl : http://localhost:8182/myapplication/camunda/app/cockpit/default/#/processes

once we deploy this in cloud,

it does not work, on looking further, all the internal Camunda cockpit resources - js, css are not using /myapplication, the url for resources excludes “/myapplication”.

Is there any way to set the application context path for Camunda internal ?

I tried this config but it is not working
application-path: /myapplication

We are using<camunda.spring-boot.version>7.15.0</camunda.spring-boot.version>