Camunda cockpit is not showing instances or zoom

This morning I am no longer seeing the process instances in History or Runtime. On entering my cockpit I see this:

The time to live on this particular process is 1 day. How do I get my processes back?

Hello @iscariot_TF ,

this looks like your bar in the bottom has disappeared.
Can you find the resize-handle at the bottom of the window? If not, search the elements in the dev console for this:

By setting the style top to a smaller value, it should reappear.

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Hi @jonathan.lukas, I had the same problem in the morning but I am using Camunda Run platform. How can I solve the problem? what do you mean for dev console? (I´m a new user of camunda)

Hello @anchor ,

this screenshot is from inside the browser (chrome in my case).

In the browser, you can handle this problem.


HI @jonathan.lukas, could you just list the step I should take to solve the problem? I´m using Microsoft Edge.

Hi @anchor ,

here are the steps:

  1. Open Developer Console
  2. In the Elements Panel, find the marked element and apply the changes described above


Hei @jonathan.lukas, thank you for your response. It is strange but I cannot find the resize-handle in the code. I´m uploading the picture of the codes that I have. Could you give me an insight on this problem?

Hello @anchor ,

we are getting a bit off-topic right now. I can give you this advice: Use the select-element tool to get as close as possible to the place where the change needs to be done. The screenshot shows me a lot of collapsed DOM tree elements.

Please find a guide for devtools here.


Ok, thank you.

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