Camunda codebase on Azure

I am new to Camunda .
I have installed Camunda on Azure. Have made a flow and started it. Now I want to add java code to make a service call as part of a service task.

The question is how do I deploy this code onto Azure so that both the code and the BPMN flows are available at runtime on the container?

If you are deployed camunda as a spring boot application and have it connected to an external database, you should be able to just add everything you need to the spring boot application and re-deploy it to Azure

@Niall Thanks for getting back. I will explain it a bit

  1. I have just installed camunda on Azure by following the below link.

  2. I am able to deploy BPMN flows to azure from my modeler.

  3. In my flow I have made a service task.Now I want to add code to this task so that i am able to make a webservice call. How do i do that.??

  4. I have not built any spring boot application yet. I checked and the springboot servelet war file comes with Tomcat container which I dont need as I already have one present on Azure.

Please suggest.

This blog post may be of interest…



@Webcyberrob…Thanks Rob. Thats what I want to do at the end but before that was hoping to try out everything on camunda using Java and then as a next step extend the logic through azure functions.

Hoping to get your inputs on this @Niall…Any documentation wrt Camunda on Azure will also help.

@Niall…Please look at this whenever you have the time.

There’s no particular reason why deploying to Azure is different (from Camunda’s perspective) than deploying to any cloud service. So the question about Azure specific deployment documentation isn’t relevent when wondering about running Java code with Camunda on some cloud service.

You basically have 2 main choices.
Build a spring boot application containing your java classes, attaching them to service tasks and then deploy that to Azure. This video explains some of the steps.

Deploy Camunda BPM Run to the Azure and then you can deploy BPMN files via the rest api and using the external task pattern build workers (in java or whatever you like) that are triggered when the process moves forward. This video explains some of the concepts.


I have gone with the 2nd choice.

  1. Camunda BPM run is ruuning on Azure.
    2.The sample BPMB diagram is deployed into azure.

  2. External task configuration completed for the flow.

  3. Now I have to add logic on one of the service tasks in the flow to do some work. Now suppose I write a java script or java code to invoke a service. Should I deploy this file to the container on Azure to ensure its picked up when i start the process.?? or where should I place this file with the code to make it run??

@Niall…Do get back when you have the time. thanks

The business logic should exist entirely in your external task. The service tasks in the model should just have an implementation type of External and the topic should be the same as the one the external task is subscribing to.

You can deploy the external task independently as an application on your Azure cloud. not being familiar with Azure i’m not sure how you would do this, but i’m sure it’s a common thing to do.

@Niall…Will try that. Thanks

Have a look at this article

Hi @Madhu_R

Thats a really nice tutorial, thanks for sharing it.


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