Camunda Commons-UI

How to use Camunda commons-ui in my application (maven project) ?

Can be more specific in what you are trying to do?

Typically to “include” something in a Maven project, you put it in as a dependency in the pom.xml file, though that’s not always true and it depends upon what you’re trying to include.

Hi @shubh,

camunda-commons-ui is a JS library, which you add as a dependency to your node packages usually. Unfortunately there is no real example, but you can download our webapp and see ho it’s used there. Basically you just import javascript.

Does that help?

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I want to use camunda-commons-ui in my HTML forms. Bascally, i want a datetimepicker widget

I am currently using your webapp. I want to use a datetimepicker widget of camunda commons ui in my HTML forms. Can you tell me how to include Camunda-commons-ui in my HTML forms??

HI @shubh,

I think you should refer to


Are you using embedded forms in the Camunda Tasklist? In that case you could have a look at

thanks for the link.

One more question -

{{ date | camDate }}

to use the above code, which script do I have to include in my HTML form…like script src=“xxxx”

That’s sort of out of my area of experience. We never really considered using forms within Camunda itself, but that’s probably because our focus almost exclusively on machine-to-machine automation, with the occasional hook for an external user interface.

I would focus on finding out the framework used for form generation within Camunda and then get the widgets from there. I think they use AngularJS and Jquery. Personally, I just look at an example page that they’ve already built, find something “unique” in the source of the page or even a label on the page, then go to the source code or Github and search for that.

Once you find it the code that puts it on the page, you can trace backward to find how it was done. It’s crude, but it should work.

Are you using embedded forms in the Camunda Tasklist? In that case you should be able to just use it in the form. If you have your own webapp where you include camunda-commons-ui, you would need to build it yourself. Have a look at the HTML and Javascript files of the example page.

Yes, I’m using embedded forms. I tried to use camunda-widget-inline-field of type “datetime” in my HTML. I want to use datetimepicker widget. But its not working, do I have to include any script on top of my HTML page ??

Did you follow the instructions regarding the datepicker from the docs? Did that work? Could you share the markup of your embedded form?