Camunda Community Hub: Hacktoberfest

Hello wonderful community members! As we’ve got an astounding 87 projects currently in the Camunda Community Hub, I thought it was time to look toward the future–In particular, Hacktoberfest. This opens up a variety of opportunities for new contributors to get involved with one’s community extension, learn more about Camunda open source projects, and contribute back to the overall OSS ecosystem!

With that in mind, I was wondering, if you’re a community extension maintainer–Are you planning to participate in Hacktoberfest with your community extension? What would you like to see for the Community Hub during Hacktoberfest? A hackathon for new contributors to create new Camunda extensions or cool ideas, perhaps? Let us know! by taking the poll below :slight_smile:

  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe

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