Camunda Community Update!

Hi Camunda Community Folks,

Most people here are aware that Camunda has created this forum to help users of the platform (especially users and contributors to the Open Source platform) succeed in their Camunda related projects.
It’s populated by the development team themselves as well as other people working here at Camunda - you’ll know this by the cool Camunda Logo beside our names


This post (which will be monthly from now on) is so that I can bring everyone’s attention to the work done by members of the Camunda Community itself. It’s not always clear for those just passing by with one-off questions, but a lot of people have dedicated their time to helping out other people here on the forum.
I wanted to take the time to say thanks, so we’ve been giving out new Badges for great answers by people on the forum:

I wanted to just mention a few people this month who contributed positively to the community with great answers:

@tiesebarrell Has been really active and incredibly helpful especially when @Evgeny had a question about sending messages to an active process.

@aravindhrs As usual has been dropping great advice for people as well as a very detailed answer to @dirkw65 about accessing extension properties.

And last but certainly not least - @hassang Who’s been helping on the forum since way back in 2016 (edit: earlier actually :slight_smile: ) and gave @Burn a lot of help with his answer to the question about business rules task implementation.

In order to let others on the forum know that these folks have a track record of helping out the community, I’ve created and am awarding a Community Comrade badge. This can be added to the title that appears beside their name when they post.

We have a great community here and I’d love to make sure people are rewarded for the contributions being made on a daily basis. Monthly messages and badges are hopefully just the start. :slight_smile:


A big thank you to everyone who participates here in one way or the other.

@hassang is a community member since the first days of Camunda BPM actually:!searchin/camunda-bpm-users/hassan|sort:date/camunda-bpm-users/fGxsoIw0xt0/sQXJVzJw31sJ


Thanks @Niall, I appreciate the gesture! As always, just happy to help where I can because I learnt a lot myself from the information and assistance others posted here :slight_smile:


One of the most best forum and more active forum. Quick and valuable response on time. Thanks for camunda team and community members. Lots of learning. :blush:


@Niall, @thorben and all others… Thank you so much…

It is my pleasure to get such a great badge…
This forum is really a great source of knowledge for all who needs help and even for all active contributers.