Camunda Compensation


I am trying to implement Camunda Compensation in my project. I am looking for out of box support examples for below use cases

A. In Flight Process variable changes due to external event (Inflight Request Change by process consumer) and we need to redo/do/undo some activities due to this change

B. How to handle In Progress activities during compensation which takes care of only complete activities out of box. For example, some human is working on a task and compensation is initiated. He just lost the context though he was supposed to redo(for change req)/undo the already executed steps(for cancelation req) due to the task.

Can you upload what you’re tried tied to model so far?

Thanks @Niall for taking this up… refer the sample process. Cancel compensation is working as per document … Change compensation I need to figure it out … Also for cancel compensation, I have put a manual workaround to cleanup/undone in progress incomplete activities .


Hi @Arup_Sarkar

Thanks for uploading the model - i’m still trying to work out exactly what functionality you need to implement. Can you give me a step by step guide as to what is happening and how you would like it to happen.

Hi Niall,

Can you please help out here.
Similar kind of problem.