Camunda crashing without any error


I was using the Enterprise version with a trial license for one month, now that the license has expired, I can’t use the platform which makes sense.
So I downloaded the community version and put my war file in webapps and started the engine, however here also the engine is crashing.
I checked catalina and localhost both the logs, but no errors.
In catalina log file, I can see the bpmn files are deployed and after that the tomcat just crashes without any error.
Can anyone please help?
Is it because my Enterprise license got expired? But I should be able to community version, right?


Hi Sayanti,

What do you see when the engine crashes?
Is it possible to reproduce the issue once more and share the latest log file?
I don’t think it is relevant but how did you add the license via cockpit?

Best regards,


I had some problem in my war file.
I corrected that and now camunda engine is working again.
Yeah, I added it via cockpit only.