Camunda DB Architecture

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I wanted to understand the below scenario.

Lets say, I have 2 Camunda engines running on 2 different servers but pointing to the same back-end database where the cases are stored for both the engines.
While retrieving this data from Rest API, will a GET call sent to the 1st Engine be able to retrieve case data persisted by the 2nd Engine?

Please let me know if my use-case wasn’t clear.

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@Anuj28282828 since your database and schema is shared, you will get same result for all the queries.

Thanks @aravindhrs for your reply. Sorry didn’t get you! Same result for all the queries meaning?

If I query for a process instance of 2nd Model from the 1st Model’s Rest API URL, will I get the result out?

Yes. same results

Woah, that is cool. Thanks a lot for your reply and assistance.