Camunda demo for java instances don't work

Hi guys !
I’m new here. I wanted to use camunda for work stuff and I tried the demo in the 2nd video of Niall (Using eclipse). I looked into several topics but i couldn’t find my solution. That’s why i put my problem here

I did the same things that Niall did in his video. But he was using wildfly and i’m using tomcat. There was a topic saying that I should put the War file into the webapp folder. when i do this, a folder wearing the same name is created. Then when i go to the tasklist and do “start process”, it says the process has benn started. But when i go to the cockpit it seems like nothing happened.

Where did i do something wrong ?
btw i am using the demo version

Thank you for your time !

Can you upload your process model?

process.bpmn (5.5 KB)
here it is

thank for the help

So - whats happening is that the process is starting and finishing without waiting at any state, which means you won’t be able to see it in the Community Edition Cockpit.
But you can query the history tables (viathe REST API) to find an instance that has finished

ok thanks @Niall !
i’ve got one more question : in your demo you created a java class delegate, does that mean that i have to put always a delegate class ?
for example, i want to open an url like : should i put this behind a delegate class or just a normal class ?

Any java code that is directly called by the engine must implement a JavaDelegate interface. What you can do is have the JavaDelegate call your business logic code.

you saved my day !
thanks a lot