Camunda deployment is not happening properly its showing old BPMN files everytime

1)When we doing camunda deployment using spring boot auto deployment ,We are getting one issue unable to see the latest BPMN file changes its always showing the previous old BPMN file every time. Rollback is happening every time. we have observed that two deployments are happening with some time interval. Latest deployment is doing rollback the latest changes. Due to this issue we are unable to proceed further.
2)This issue is happening in only one environment remaining environments its working fine.
3)We have checked the same issue with devops team too but no issue found from their end.

How do you perform a deployment? Do you use the REST api or do you have the bpmn files in the resources folder?

We have bpmn files in the resources folder

And when you make a new deployment do you replace or override those bpmn models with the new versions?

Yes we are using latest version of BPMN Modeler. We are using Git to take the latest BPMN files modified by the team ,Then after we are taking the changes in to our branch. This problem is occurring in only one environment. The same BPMN files were working fine in another environments.

Do you have a clustered environment?
Where multiple engines are pointed at the same database?

Our application is using microservices, kubernetes .In CI/CD we are using circleci ,git tool. No we don’t have multiple engines and not pointing to the same database.