Camunda Desktop Modeler (Platform 8) - create sub-processes


I’m new to Camunda Platform 8, but used Platform 7 before. I use web modeler and desktop modeler (free opensource).

In Platform 7, I was able to create “Collapsed Sub Processes” and then link to a more detailed view - see picture.
Is there a similar option in Platform 8?


Is there a limitation in these versions?

Thank you

usually I don’t push posts, but this one is an interesting one :slight_smile:

We have some 7.17 models with this kind of subprocesses and I wonder if this browsable-subprocess-feature is just missing in camunda modeler or if we should not use it in 8 anymore (cause of decoupling…)

Funfact: Using the migration plugin (camunda-7-to-8-migration/modeler-plugin-7-to-8-converter at main · camunda-community-hub/camunda-7-to-8-migration · GitHub) creates a camunda 8 model which contains navigatable-subprocesses.

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