Camunda desktop modeller start process with longer timeout

I have a process that take around 10 sec to complete in dev env. We some time use Desktop Modeller to run this process by clicking “start current process”.

It seems the modeller always timed out around 5 sec mark with “Starting instance failed [ start-instance-error ]”. When we see the process in cockpit, it completed successfully.

We tried to change camunda.bpm.job-execution.wait-time-in-millis to 10 sec, but it does not seems to resolve the problem.

By the way, it is C7 V7.19

That led us to think it is modeller configuration somewhere.


Hi @emailtowalter,

the desktop modeler uses the engine rest api to start a process instance.

It’s the same as you would start it with Postman or curl.

Could it be a network proxy whatever issue that the response of the http request gets lost?

Hope this helps, Ingo

that is indeed possible. I will try the postman. Thanks.