Camunda DMN - extend with spatial capabilities

We are considering to integrate Camunda into our internally developed geospatial software. We cannot find any spatial capabilities in the DMN engine, like execute a rule only if certain spatial logic is fulfilled. If not existing, may the DMN engine be extended with spatial capabilities and potentially even integrate relevant PostGIS functionality?

Hi @AndreasO :wave:

Please provide more context about your use case and an example.

What do you want to achieve?
What do you miss?

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Our use case is to be able to integrate geography into BPMN/DMN rules, e.g. task area/location which may trigger different outcomes depending on situation. For example if an accident happens, which are the responsible organisations for the accident location, how can they be contacted etc.

The DMN standard doesn’t contain any special function for geography. But it is possible to implement and use custom functions in the DMN.

But maybe, it is just a question on how to model your decision. For example, if the decision depends on the location of the task then the task location can be one input column in the decision table.

Generally, any geographic logic may apply for BPMN use cases. Most common is overlap selections, eg. select all polygon objects (can be organisational areas) overlapping the given point location (can be an accident). See Chapter 5. PostGIS Reference for what the standard for spatial SQL offers. We do not really understand if CustomFunction do support this but I assume we need to do a test implementation.