Camunda DMN rules based on effective date

Hi Geeks,

We are evaluating option for using Camunda dmn rules for our product.
Howevere here is challenge that we are facing . Suppose i have application_decision.dmn in production and the rule is configured like if customer_age < 18 then “reject” else “approve”. Now I want to make new rule with age condition changed to 20 and make this rule effective after 3 months. Is it possible in Camunda ?

Or how can i achieve this functionality…Apologies if not able to explain this requirement in detail. Happy to provide more details.


Helo @Ganesh1 ,

welcome to the forum. The situation you describe is handled by versioning of BPMN and DMN files inside the engine.

I see 2 options in general:

  1. deploy the decision model at the time you would like to have the change effective. This would require some kind of scheduling from outside the engine
  2. make your timing part of the rule. Add a column that holds the date you would like the change to take effect. Here, the rule gets a little more complex, but you have clarity about the date it changes.

I hope this helps


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Thanks .Thinking of Option 2 …Is there any limitation on how many rows we can add to decision table and will there be any performance impact due to this ?

Hello @Ganesh1 ,

there is no real limit, but of course, it will become slower if you add more rows.
My suggestion is always to double-check if the table is still readable. If not, you could also think about utilizing DRD to structure your business rules a bit more.

I hope this helps