Camunda DMN vs IBM ODM vs Drools

That one thing came in during our POC demo to our architects, they were much impressed with what Camunda DMN has to offer, but hated the moment when they compared and questioned us how is it very different than IBM ODM and Drools. I know for sure Camunda’s features are skyrocketing, just that I have to collect some facts to convince them. I see there is white paper to compare Camunda BPM against other alternatives, Do you happen to have similar things for DMN? Curious to see if you have any.

Hi, Cummar!
We use everything.

  1. Camunda DMN for store “scenarios” for big process. Its easy to maintain and close to process.
  2. Drools for data validation, calcuation and and mapping inside spring boot. It easy for java developers and close to data-class-model-things.
  3. ODM for enterpise-scale rules like credit scoring etc.
    It easy to cooperate with SME and have perfect tools for develop with intellesense, verbalization, DSLs and go on.

@kumar-sundaram - did you end up finding anything that helped you decide one way or the other?
We are doing a similar comparison - different Business rules engines/ DMNs.
Any insight you could share would be helpful.

Ended up using Camunda DMN. Much easier to use than Drools. Drools is more java developer centric.

Thank you for responding @shkrish. Much appreciated.

@Aman @shkrish We are currently using IBM ODM and started migrating to Camunda DMN. The POC and test results using Camunda DMN looks good so far. In order to get our management approval, we were asked to prepare a product comparison sheet : IBM ODM vs. Camunda DMN. Please share if you have any details

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Hi Chandu,

We are also planning to migrate from IBM ODM to CAMUNDA do you have any POC docs or Comparison links …Please share if you have any …We started doing POC too…

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