Camunda Docker with Keycloak as build option (Authentication and Authorization)

Hi community,

I am working with Camunda Docker containers using wildfly DISTRO and am specially interested in Keycloak for SSO and identification.

I found very good insights with:

for the SSO that could be incorporated in the Dockerfile.

But when I tried to apply what I learned with:

for the Authorization (identify), it is much more complicated with WildFly. In order to automate the build I would have to use jboss-cli to create the module and than insert the plugin properties. This is out of my Jboss habilities.

Is any one here working on or interested in a Docker Image with Wildfly, Keycloak SSO and Keycloak Identify?

Well, Activiti and Flowable already offer official docker images with Keycloak…
If we at least had some quick step-by-step instructions on how to use the dockerized versions of Keycloak and Camunda in conjunction it would be really great. The closest I found on this was a small script on github called: “KeyMunda” by gapepurnam

But it doesn’t seem to be complete yet, and having an official option would pbbly be the best, of course. But Kudos for the guy for taking the initiative at least.