Camunda Docs - Quick Start - Get started with Camunda

As of today the Links in Camunda Docs - Quick Start - Get started with Camunda do not work.
I could not download the Zip or access them through GIT:


The Links in Spring Boot and the others do work.

Maybe this is not the right catagory but I have not found a better one.

Hi @wpknet,

They are working for me. Could you please try to use another browser.

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I tried Firefox and Chrome on Windows

The Link

shows the error:
404 This is not the web page you are looking for

When I sign in to github I cant find it as well.

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Hi Wolf,

Could you please try now

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Hi Yana,

thanks a lot it works (with your magic touch)

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Thanks for pointing this out, it must be adjusted now.
Could you please verify if are able to access spring example also which you mentioned before.

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I just verified that
Spring Boot, Spring Framework and all the others can be accessed

Thanks once again :+1: