Camunda does not pick up process model in library

Dear Camunda Community,

I have the following setup:
I am using Spring Boot with an embedded Camunda Process Engine. This project includes a bpmn file and in addition a library (.jar) which in turn contains a bpmn file and all necessary files like processes.xml.

If I start the project with mvn spring-boot:run both the process model in the project and the process model in the referenced library get deployed.

If I package the project with mvn clean package and start the project with java -jar only the process model of the project gets picked up and deployed. If I look into the packaged jar I can see that both process models are available.

Can anybody explain why the bpmn file in the library does not get picked up?

Any hint is appreciated.

Hi @philipp.hehnle,

Spring Boot behaves differently when you run it from the Maven Spring Boot profile or not. Using java -jar, you have just a single class loader, while mvn spring-boot:run uses some tricks to identify changes.

Hope this helps, Ingo