Camunda dynamic sized batch processing in Parallel Gateway

I have a use case where there could be a list of tasks that might need to be executed concurrently. Example

Start (with List) -> (Process all users concurrently) -> Check if all success -> Fail or End successfully.

I know we have Parallel Gateway in Camunda, but as you can see from my use case, number of branches are very dynamic here and it depends upon input variables. Also, Parallel Join would be checking that all results were successful or failed and take decisions accordingly.

Is this possible in Camunda?

Hi @guptaashish327,

you can use a parallel multi instance marker on the task. Within the configuration in the properties panel you can then specify the loop cardinality or the collection. This makes it possible to execute a task in parallel multiple times depending on a list.

Hope that helps.

Thank you Nele, this is what I was looking for :slight_smile: