Camunda Eclipse Plugin: Bpmn2MultiPageEditor class not found

Hi everybody,

just trying to get the plugin running with latest eclipse installation in order not to have to switch tools when looking into source and models. Unfortunately both latest plugin versions do not work and always show me:
Plug-in org.camunda.bpm.modeler was unable to load class org.camunda.bpm.modeler.ui.diagram.editor.Bpmn2MultiPageEditor.

Don’t know whats the reason behind. Also installed graphiti plugin but did not help either.

So is there any chance to view the camunda models directly in eclipse either via plugin or via another plugin?

Thank you in advance and

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Earlier Modeler was supported as Eclipse Plugin. The direction got changed. If you need modeler either use desktop or web modeler, plugin support inside eclipse plugin is retired.

you can use Eclipse to develop application and place models built from modeler.

Hello @Reth ,

additional to the explanation by @cpbpm , here is the link to the download page:

No need for an installation if you do not have admin rights on your machine.


Sry, should have mentioned that I know about the modeler but still looking for sth. to be able to use within Eclipse.

So is BPMN2 Modeler no longer supported and not be able to be installed anymore?

Hello @Reth ,

most importantly, it is unmaintained as the last changes are from 2015 and the repo is archived since 2018:

If you require something for Eclipse, there are other implementations available.

Is there a specific reason why you would go for a modeler embedded to eclipse?


Yep, basially I want to stay in the same tool while looking at Model and Sources (see also my opening post). Other options for Eclipse I also evaluated but the Eclipse BPMN2 Modeler plugin also does not work anymore it seems (cannot be installed - I opened a thread there too).