Camunda engine gRPC interaction

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Came across “camunda-bpm-spring-boot-starter-grpc-external-task” and example - GitHub - camunda-community-hub/camunda-platform-7-grpc-external-task: gRPC API for Camunda BPM Runtime ExternalTasks .
Had a quick question here, will the process execution move to next task or will wait until the external task is completed?

And is there gRPC communication support for deploying, starting and runtime interaction with process?


Execution token will be in waiting state at the external task activity until it was completed. Once external task was completed the execution token will arrive at the next activity.

Thank you!

Hi @sarahegde,

as to the second question here:

The example itself deliberately only covers the external task API.
Also, there currently is no plan to offer other APIs via gRPC from our side so far as there simply hasn’t been enough need.

But this could be the start of a great community project if you ask me.
Let us know if you would be interested in such a thing, we’re always grateful for such input.


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