Camunda external task client polling interval

I’m currently developing a Camunda external task client using the Spring Boot external task client. Despite configuring the lock duration, I’ve noticed that the client is still polling every one minute.

I set my lockDuration using camunda.bpm.client.lockDuration: 5000

My external-client spring boot starter is 7.18

It’s worth nothing tho. that the first four polling is done every 20 seconds and then it keep increasing until a 1 minute is reached, then it fetch and lock every minute, and this behavior repeats itself whenever there’s a task… is there a way to turn off this dormant time since it’s costing me a lot of time

Hi @E_ell_uoee,

you can configure long polling, then the new task will be given to the client immediately when it is created:

  async-response-timeout: 30000
  disable-backoff-strategy: true

Disabling the backoff strategy only is a bad idea, as it will flood the engine with request: External Task Client Spring Boot Starter |

Hope this helps, Ingo