Camunda/feel-scala vs Drools DMN

We would like to include decisions/rules into our Camunda-based web application. As these business rules can be complicated, we can either go with Camunda/feel-scala or Drool DMN implementation. Besides easy integration with Camunda BPM engine, what other features make Camunda/feel-scala more favorable?

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this is not an easy question because it depends on your use case. Since I don’t know much about Drools DMN, I can only say something about the Camunda DMN engine and the FEEL-Scala extension.

Does this help you?

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Not to forget the nice and lean modeler which can model DMN: .
We also have some community initiatives already going on - e.g.

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Hi, Philipp & Bernd, thanks so much. These features do make Camunda DMN appealing. We are prototyping various rules to ensure all rules can be modeled.

Great! Don’t hesitate to give us feedback …