Camunda FEEL supporting REGEX / StartsWith and the like


Do you have any plans to support more of the FEEL Standard provided in the DMN OMG specification especially for Strings like:
(file:///C:/Users/SLeonhar/Downloads/formal-16-06-01.pdf - page 133)

  • contains()
  • starts with()
  • ends with()
  • matches()

Especially matches would be very helpful.

Thank you & BR

Hi Stefan,

currently, we have no plans to implement these functions. Instead, you can provide a custom function mapper. See the User Guide for details.

Or you can replace the default FEEL engine by a custom one.

Best regards,

Hi Philipp

Thx. for the hints.
I succeeded but it was very cumbersome to get this new Function into the FEEL engine.
Therefore I created a PULL request to Github that would make it easier to add such custom functions:

Would be nice if you could have a look / take that into account. It is just a proposal - if you have better/other ideas feel free…

Thanke you and BR

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Hi Stefan,

thank’s for your contribution. :+1: I’ll have a look at it soon.

Best regards,