Camunda For Our Existing Workflow

Hi All,

In my company, we had developed a basic workflow of our own. It is really simple one and in the near future we won’t change it to an exisiting workflow. On the other hand , we want to show our workflow processes and rendering it on the fly.

While I was searching such tools, I came up with camunda. I did same basic BPMN diagrams programmatically and able to show hem on .

By the way I downloaded Camuda and play a while. At the end I need to ask some questions.

Form this point of my view, I think I don’t need Camunda’s activities or tasks menu’s because I will mange the flow in my system, can I use Camunda for only rendering my workflows?

As I mentioned, I have to create our workflow structure on the fly and show the current status of our task by using Camunda. Can I highlight the process programmatically without any further call from rendering page.

Thanks for your time and help.


Hi @rayesteq,

Could you please elaborate what you mean when you say “…I have to create our workflow structure on the fly”? Do you also generate the diagram interchange elements, so that the process can be rendered properly by

You can use 1 for rendering workflows.


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Hi Roman,

Thanks for your reply.

Sure, let me try once more,

So we wrote our BPMN Engine of our own. That is basically does what a BPMN engine does but it has no virtual concept. So in a certain time when I select one of our workflows from our DB, I can create a bpmn of that flow (example: a spesific process approval workflow). I know all user tasks approved and workflow waits only General Manager approve. What I want to achive is to visualize this fork flow and put RED background to General manager approve TASK on the fly.So When people wants to see the process thay can easly see where the workflow is waiting.

So creating the workflow is OK with Camunda. What I need is I want to put Colors without an another service call or integration with our BPMN. Is that possibble?