Camunda Form FEEL Expression

How to write an FEEL Expression to hide one text area component by using other component key value ??

What did you try? What worked and what did not?

Hii @nikku,
Thanks for your Reply. Basically I do not know how to access process variable in the property panel. I have one drop down component in my form and based on that value I want to hide other text area component.
I have use “access” = true expression inside hide condition where access is a key for dropdown component.

Hi @Lalit_Verma

I am attaching a simple working example.

A gender drop-down list (key = user.gender) with static options (m and f)
A comments text area which is supposed to become invisible if user.gender = "m"

test_form.form (1.9 KB)

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Please note that the values of options are always considered strings so if an option is configured with a true value then this condition should be used access = "true"

Hii @hassang
Thank you so much it really helps me a lot.

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indeed it helps a lot!

Hello @Lalit_Verma! I wanted to let you know that @Niall and I talked through this question on The Orchestration Hour stream last week!

You can see the portion about this question at this part of the stream:


Thanks @Niall and @miamoore for discussing this problem live on YT. :blush: