Camunda Form SDK and Rest-Engine Authentication

It is possible to retrieve the Camunda SDK Form in a external system when the engine authentication is switched on?


This is no answer to the original question, but more an explanation of the very short post of my colleaque.

We investigate if and how we could use Camunda as a process engine for our main product.
After a few workarounds we managed to get everything working here: our system interacted fine with Camunda (as Stand Alone Engine) almost all requirements were met and everyone was happy.
But then we turned on the authentication on the rest engine.
The back-end part of our product was no problem, authentication was set and everything was ok…
The problem comes from the front-end part that uses Camunda Form SDK to work on forms. Is there a way to configure the CamSDK.Client to use authentication?



Just in case someone else is trying the same: you can set the authorisation header yourself , when creating the CamSDK.Client, as part of the config object.


Hi Cristian, how are you?

Would you have an example?

Thank you!


Here’s one for the basic authentication used by Camund (with imaginary credentials of course)

var camClient = new camSDK.Client({
  /* any other configs here*/
  headers : {
    authorization : 'Basic c2VuY2hpdTpjcmlzdGlhbg=='
  /* any other configs here*/


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