Camunda - - Add dynamically component into the form

Hello there,

I would like to ask you about specific function in integrated plugin in Camunda.

I have a data from API in json object stored in process variable. In process I have a user task called “Choose employees for evaluation”. This form is all about component “Select boxes” in I need to create a set of checkboxes dynamically based on data from API.

Is there a way how to change forms in the process dynamically? I was thinking that I could at least generate a complete json form as a service but I dont know how to fetch it with usertask because Camunda Formio plugin requires deployment of embedded forms and I dont know how to change those forms when they are already uploaded via Rest API deployment. I was also thinking about editting the deployed .json object but also have no idea how to do it. I am using only JavaScript scripts.

Generally speaking It would be enough to know how to add dynamically any component into the form. I can do it with set of simple checkboxes as well.

Any idea? I would be greatful for any help!


See the formio plug-in discussion: Formio Plugin for Camunda Tasklist

If you look at the formio docs, certain components like drop down lists can use a url as a data source. Store your list of employees in a reusable location or in a GET API, and then you can pass the component the url.