Camunda Forms issue in camunda 7.20

I am using Camunda 7.20 [Camunda Run] and Camunda modeler 5.16.0.

When i try to create DateTime fields in Camunda Form, it gives error in Modeler as below. Also after deployment the form to instance calendar not coming in this Date field.

Error : “A is not supported by Camunda Platform 7.20”.

Same for Textarea fields also.

Anyone please help on this. Thanks in advance.

Hi @omprakashm,
Not all elements are supported by Camunda 7 yet.
Among the unssuported elements are Text Area and Date Time Picker.
For dateTime, you may use Textfield with Date/Time-specific verification.
Alternatively, you can use an embedded form. However, you’d lose the WYSIWG editor.

Hi @StephanHaarmann.

Thanks for your help on this. We were just tried out this camunda form feature as replacement of embedded forms which we already using.

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