Camunda full time developer needed (Russian speaking)

Hi everyone, We are looking for 2 Camunda developers for participating in our projects. The Russian language is required.

Job description

We are an international company group founded in 2009, developing our products and projects for our partners and clients (mobile applications, web services). Our offices are located in Russia, Estonia, Armenia, Latvia, and Kazakhstan. We work with top 5 Russian banks and US clients.

The main priority for us is our team. We have no “bosses”, policies, bureaucracy, and legacy code. We pay great attention to the quality of solutions that we release to the market and professional development.

Job responsibilities

  • Development, support, and improvement of projects in Java/Kotlin
  • Design the architecture of applications and databases
  • Optimization and code refactoring
  • Research, analysis

Required qualifications


  • 1+ year Java / Kotlin development experience
  • Knowledge of Russian is required
  • Experience with Camunda BPMN
  • Knowledge of SQL / NoSQL
  • Knowledge and understanding of OOP principles
  • Knowledge of basic design patterns (Singleton, Factory, Observer, etc.)
  • Understand the principles of SOLID
  • Understanding the HTTP / HTTPS protocols
  • Understanding XML and JSON formats
  • Ability to work with git version control system

Would be an advantage

  • Technical English, at the level of reading documentation

Hi @Ruslan_Tsechoev
If you’re looking to find people from the Camunda Russian community, i suggest going to the Camunda BPM telegram group. It’s got over 1k members and is entirely in Russian.

Thank you Niall for your advice. Can you please send me a link?

I think you’d just need to install Telegram on your phone and then do a search for Camunda BPM and it’ll show up pretty quick. Not sure if there is a direct link.

Thanks, I found it, this is the right link – Telegram: Contact @camunda_bpm

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