Camunda generic task event listener

Hey All,

I want to invoke a global task listener when an assignment event happens on that task and only when the candidate group for that task is ‘ManagerGroup’. The end goal is to set the latest manager who has worked on a process instance. Of course, there are a series of user tasks associated with this flow and some of them are assigned to ManagerGroup and some of them to ‘LeadGroup’.

@startrek you can refer this example:

In TaskListener.notify() method you can check for candidategroups using identitylinks to execute the logic for specific group.

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This seems not to work with candidateGroups, cause the listener register itself with:

.addTaskListener(“assignment”, InformAssigneeTaskListener.getInstance());

…and this is not triggered in case of candidateGroups.

Has anyone a solution for this requirement? We are using camunda 7.8 and only have 4 event triggers:

  • delete
  • create
  • assignment
  • complete

…and no trigger is working for candidates.

Looking forward to your answers… Greetings, Thomas :slight_smile: