Camunda Glassfish End of Support

Hi All,

Camunda 7.5.0 Final will be released on May 31st, 2016. With this release, we officially remove the support for the Glassfish distribution from the Enterprise Subscription. (See also Supported Environments).

What does this mean for Camunda Community Edition Users?

It means that the 7.5.0 Final Release is the last release in which we build and ship the Camunda Full Distribution and Standalone Webapplication Distribution for Glassfish. With the first 7.6.0-alpha release, we will stop to build these artifacts.

Can I still use the Embedded Process Engine on Glassfish?

Yes, applications using an embedded process engine on glassfish will not be affected.

Why does Camunda stop supporting Glassfish?

Building, testing and guaranteeing support for the full distribution is a lot of effort which we can only justify if enough users profit from it. However, the usage statistics for the Glassfish full distribution indicate that there is not a critical mass of users for this distribution. We thus believe it is the in the interest of the majority of our users if we focus our efforts on different things.

If you have questions on this, please do not hesitate to comment on this post.