Camunda Identity Link Implementation

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How it possible to provide new Identity link apart from LDAP servers in camunda. I want to create a new identity link which will retrieve user and roles from an external database . I want camunda to authenticate and authorize this identities.


Hi John,

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Hi John,

Now I have some time to provide an actual answer. For a custom identity access implementation, you have to implement the interface org.camunda.bpm.engine.impl.identity.ReadOnlyIdentityProvider. You’ll have to register your implementation with the process engine via an implementation of org.camunda.bpm.engine.impl.interceptor.SessionFactory. The registration can for example be done in a process engine plugin.

I suggest you have a look at the sources of the LDAP plugin to get started.

ReadOnlyIdentityProvider implementation:
SessionFactory implementation:
Process engine plugin:


@thorben thanx for the reply… I have analysed camunda source code , based on an initial analysis i have planned to rewrite DBenity manager class to read tomcat datasource and from there to query my user database. Is it a right way to implement ?

Can you please provide the information regarding how camunda reads the datasource and uses its in Mybatis… ?

What is the role of bpm-patform.xml file ?

Hi @Scorpion,

I don’t think you need to rewrite DbEntityManager. A plain JDBC connection or probably custom MyBatis mappings should do. Unfortunately, I don’t have ready-made documentation on the aspects you ask and I haven’t got the time to compile it. I suggest you debug the unit and integration tests we have to gain an understanding how Camunda works internally. Also make yourself familiar with Mybatis, if you haven’t done this yet.