Camunda Identity redirects to localhost:8080

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we’ve successfully deployed the complete Camunda Platform via Helm, including Identity. Unfortunately the Ingress for Camunda Identity isn’t usable as the redirect back to Identity after the login via Keycloak always leads to localhost:8080, instead of the provided ingress.

All other components (Tasklist, Operate, Optimize) have a value to configure the redirect uri (“redirectUrl” in Helm and CAMUNDA_TASKLIST_IDENTITY_REDIRECT_ROOT_URL/CAMUNDA_OPERATE_IDENTITY_REDIRECT_ROOT_URL/CAMUNDA_OPTIMIZE_IDENTITY_REDIRECT_ROOT_URL in the services as an env variable).

Based on the Helm chart, Identity seems to be missing this variable to configure the redirect correctly. Am I right? We would need a similar variable in Helm or be able to provide the env variable manually for now.

The error is present in the 8.2 branch as well as on version 8.3.0-alpha2.

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This is currently a blocker to finish a clean deployment including Camunda Identity.

I had exactly the same problem today but could solve it: Identity needs to know its own public URL to pass it as return link to Keycloak. A closer look at the helm chart for identity reveals that you can set the env variable IDENTITY_URL with the chart value identity.fullURL. Here an example how I did it with identity:

  contextPath: /identity
    enabled: true
    path: /identity
    annotations: {}
      enabled: true
      secretName: my-tls-secret

I hope this helps.


Thanks a lot. This solved it indeed! :slight_smile:

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