Camunda integration into SAP

Hello dear forum,
I currently have a project to fully automate a process. In this process Camunda has to be connected to SAP. I have already researched and found out that it is possible to integrate Camunda with the SAP cloud. Now the question I have is how exactly does this work? Also, I have seen that you can communicate between Camunda and SAP via API interfaces. However, I have not found any documentation on these topics.
Now the question to the forum: Has anyone of you already had experience with this topic, or does anyone have documentation on this or how the connection of Camunda to the SAP cloud works in detail?
I hope there is someone who knows this well and can help me.

Many thanks in advance and best regards

Hi @maleh-qp

You’ve posted this in the Camunda Platform 8 topic, so I’m going to answer this from that perspective.

Camunda Platform 8 uses the external task worker pattern. To integrate with SAP Cloud, you write job workers using a Zeebe client library that call SAP API methods, then subscribe these job workers to task types in a BPMN model.

If the SAP API is a REST API, then you can use the REST connector: Getting started with API Endpoints | Camunda Platform 8

That’s a high-level explanation of how it is done / what to do.

If that explanation requires further details, then I suggest getting the trial account at and going through the Getting Started tutorials to get your head around it.