Camunda, magento, php basics idea

I have successfully integrated camunda library into magento(php) by use this link, my next move is make one simple modeler.

my question is very simple,

when user submit radio button, if yes, send confirm mail. if not, send rejection mail.

Where should I need to write modeler logic magento(php) or need to write in java after that I can utilize in magento(php) using api?

please anyone can point me right direction?

Hi @busean,

I would assume your user action will happen in magento. Based on that one of the flows could be:

  1. user does something in magento
  2. magento sends request to start process or finish task with some specific data
  3. your process maps data from magento to variables
  4. process handles logic (i.e. sending email)

In that case logic to send email is directly implemented in java. You could also delegate that using external task, if you have a rest service which can handle it for instance.

Does that help you?

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