Camunda Meetup Berlin - Modeler Plugins (online)

Hi Camunda Folk,

My very own local Camunda user group - right here in Berlin has scheduled an online get together!
This is an English language meetup and will have 2 very experienced members of the Camunda community talking about cool things you can do with the Camunda Modeler.

Would love to see a community plugin that supports generic event capture and routes it to a HTTP request (sending what event occurred and being able to send the XML as well), and the response of the request is shown in a “message pane” in the modeler (could be a formatted pane rather than just raw json).

Would be good to have a “execute” button that triggers the plugin manually, rather than just through a event.

A lot of different use cases for something like this, so people can connect the modeler to various servers and get feedback about a model.

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