Camunda Meetup: Choreography

Hi Community Folk,

The next Berlin meetup has been scheduled and I’m really happy that we have two wonderful speakers who will discussing a lesser known part of the BPMN 2.0 standard -Choreography!

Jan Ladleif and Anton von Weltzien have used bpmn-js as a base to build chor-js which can be used to create choreography diagrams.
They’ll be discussing the use cases as well as the code they wrote.

Sign up right here - Hope to see you there!

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Hi Niall !

Very interesting topic and opens a wide range of possibilities !

It’s been sometime since chor-js is around, so it got me thinking: is there is any plan to officially include chroreography diagrams/notation in the Camunda Modeler / Cawemo?
In the negative case, do you happen to know of any available plugin to make choregraphy diagrams directly in Camunda Modeler?

Thanks in advance!

So, the folks behind Chor-js needed to make a lot of changes to the fundamentals of the libraries in order to get things working correctly. This means it might not be so trivial to add it to the modeler or to cawemo.

We also don’t see a very big need from people to add this. Although i imagine best possibility to have it as part of the modeler would be if someone decided to build it as a plugin.

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