Camunda Messages and AMQP/Rabbit/Kafka, etc

Hey all

I have been working on a small plugin that adds Rabbit/AMQP/Kafka, etc integration with the /message rest endpoint implementation: basically it lets people route into rabbit/a queue, the json payload that someone would use for POST /Message endpoint; this gives us the easy ability to queue messages for processing without any extra code needed.

Looking to the community if anyone is already doing this? Any use cases come to mind, etc?

The specific use case i come up for this plugin is the common question/issue raised on the forum, where the message is undeliverable because the process instance is not ready to receive the message.

This plugin also reimplements a additional /message rest endpoint so someone can message directly into the queue.


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this seems like an interesting use case. Do you have an initial version of the code available to review what and how your are enabling this features?

@affansyed check out:

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I am exactly facing this issue with multiple processes communicating to each other.
Some messages will arrive so fast that receive is not yet ready and this always ends in a correlation error.

I modiefied your project but still i am not able to resolve this issue.

Maybe you can have a look at this: