Camunda Modeler Deployment

Hi, is it possible to deploy BPMN from Camunda modeler?

I am running spring-boot with Camunda(version: 3.0.0)
I went through some of the resources Deploy the Process (3/6) |, tried as mentioned but not able to upload the BPMN file

The error indicates that you don’t have camunda running or the endpoint is wrong.
Can you confirm that?

The springboot application is running and I am able to access the camunda cockpit

Can you access the rest api outside of the context of the modeler. by putting the following into the browser:
it should return


No I am not able to access, getting bellow error


"timestamp": "2021-04-01T13:11:21.898+00:00",

"status": 404,

"error": "Not Found",

"message": "No message available",

"path": "/engine-rest/engine"


Have you actually added the rest api as part of your spring boot project?
It should be part of your pom file.


Remove /deployment/сreate from line