Camunda Modeler Desktop App, Correlation Key input field missing

Dear Community Experts,

I am new to Camunda and was trying to model a process with Intermediate Message Catch Event. In my Camunda Modeler Desktop App, I am not seeing the input field to configure correlation keys upon adding a message. Please refer to the attache image for your reference.

Can you please help.


Hi @Ankit_Srivastava,

the correlation keys are given in the message API request only.

For the engine, they are existing process variable and/or the business key of the process instance.

They are not modeled in the BPMN diagram.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Hello @Ankit_Srivastava ,

please do not confuse Camunda Platform with Camunda Cloud. In Camunda Cloud, you can define a correlation key for receiving a message, for Camunda Platform, what Ingo said will apply.

I hope this prevents confusion.


Thanks Ingo and Jonathan, it did work for me. I am excited to move one step ahead in my Camunda learning journey. I am sure there would be numerous such questions where I would reply on experts like you in this community.

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