Camunda Modeler does not work on Mac


I have problems with new modeler version (2.2.3) and also with older ones (not sure since which version).

When I start modeler on my mac book I only get result shown in following screenshot

The BPMN model will never be shown.
My Mac Os version is 10.14.1

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Is there any error? Can you open the console and have a look? Are you using any plugins?

Hi @philippfromme

Thanks for the hint. I works now.
I saw no erros but used some plugins. I removed all and modeler worked well.
I added than one after the other and the problem was token simulator plugin.
I removed it from my plugins . I really do not need it.
Now everything works fine.

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Older versions of bpmn-js-token-simulation-plugin are not compatible with Camunda Modeler v2.2.0 and above. Make sure you’re using the latest version of the plugin (v0.8.0). Sorry for the inconveniences.