Camunda modeler how to pass array value in Map input variable

Can Camunda Modeler facilitate the passing of input parameters in the form of a Map containing keys and values of array type?"

Here, I want to pass ‘status’ as an array, with ‘status’ itself acting as a key in the map.

Hello my friend!

I apologize for the delay in responding, I took 5 days of vacation to rest a little, and I was partially offline during this period.

This “status” you are trying to access within documentCreate… is it returning an array?

William Robert Alves

i whant to hardcode status with some array in camunda modeler
something like

status : [aaa,bbb,ccc]

does this possible ?

Yeah my brother!
My version of the modeler is more current, but it works the same way.

Take a look at my example below:


I hope this helps!

William Robert Alves

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